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Mollie Jeffrey - Membership Secretary.

May I introduce myself if we haven’t met yet?


I’ve lived in Harpsden since 2011, joined the Henley branch in 2016 and took over the role of Membership Secretary from Stan early in 2017.

Branch Secretary - tba

I don’t have a military background but Stan assured me this wasn’t vital for the role. However, he already knew that my father had been in the RAF during WW11 and that I’d taken a keen interest in his stories of training as a navigator in Canada and of his experiences of long flights with Ferry Command in Catalina flying boats. 

Long ago two of my boyfriends were in the forces. One, a navy pilot, was killed at Goose Green when his Harrier Jump Jet was shot down during the Falklands war. More recently I shared the anxiety of a dear friend as she lived out the days when her beloved son was on duty in Helmand, and joined the celebrations on his safe return. 

In the last few years I’ve been helping to collect for the poppy appeal (but will never aspire to match even a fraction of Brian Hughes’s astonishing achievement in this field!). I hope this qualifies me sufficiently to take care of the Henley and Peppard RBL membership admin, and will do my best.
I look forward to meeting you all in due course.
Mollie Jeffrey
 -  Mobile: 07768 851615

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