How did I get on? Well, day one (Tuesday) was a very comfortable day for walking, with the temperature in the low 20’s, and we started at 6.10 am and finished at 3.10 pm, having covered 41km.  I had developed a few blisters, and was directed to the blister clinic set up specifically for the march, where a lovely nurse called Elsa patched me up for day two.  Day two was much hotter, up to 32 degrees by the afternoon, and with a similar start time, we did not finish till 4.10 pm, though it was a little longer with 43km covered.  In the evening it was back to the blister clinic to see Elsa as I had managed to develop a few more.


By Thursday morning, I could not keep my left boot on for any period of time, so I ruled myself out on medical grounds ( a vet’s certificate if you prefer!), and wore flip flops to see my two colleagues finishing that evening.  The cynics may say I did well to avoid the toughest day, as they had to contend with heavy rain in the morning, and this was the only day with any meaningful climbs on the route.

                 Stan Ainsley    David Lees    John Green


                     David Lees                             John Green

Therefore, on Thursday night, it was my third and final visit to see Elsa who redressed all my blisters and did a fantastic job to get me to the startline for Friday.  That morning was dry and cool, and provided perfect walking conditions.  By the afternoon, the temperature had risen to the high 20’s and the stops between sessions of walking became increasingly frequent as the blisters started to make their presence felt again!  However, with a lot of support from my two walking colleagues, and the encouragement from the watching masses, we got through to the end, and I even found Elsa watching close to the finish, which was a lovely moment.  We had walked for over 10 hours (not including stops) on the last day, and covered 45km, finishing at 4.45 pm.


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