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Dear Friends/Very Kind Sponsors including Anonymous (because I don’t know who you are!)


Sorry if this is repeating what you already know, but I did promise some of you a report and must be certain that I’ve thanked each and every one of you for supporting me with such great  generosity and such encouragement for my skydive last Tuesday.


It was an overwhelming experience, apologies to those of you who’ve already done it with a lot less fuss, but it really did seem a huge thing to me even though I felt pretty calm beforehand. One of my friends asked me why I was at all frightened if I wasn’t worried about the parachute opening (I wasn’t) and didn’t think I was going to meet my Maker (I didn’t) and I can’t really answer that. It just is a pretty strange thing to be hanging outside a plane at 14,000’ (1st photo) waiting to be shoved out and whoosh, I’ve gone. It took 12 hours for my ears to unpop and 24 hours to stop shaking!


As you’ll see from the attached, the views on the way down were tremendous (2nd photo) and my loyal supporters gave me a round of applause when I staggered back to them on terra firma (my favourite place, no question). Stan hugged me and wrapped me in the Royal British Legion flag supplied by our wonderful chairman John, can you believe my dear sister gave me the only trophy I’ve ever won in my whole life, and Carlo who got me into all this with his extraordinary enthusiasm and bravery had even given me one of his precious Paratrooper wings badges for good luck .


It has been one of the highlights of my life and so once again – a HUGE thank you for your donation to the Royal British Legion which I can’t tell you how much I appreciate. The fantastic total including Gift Aid is over £3,000!!


No reply necessary, just for those of you considering a skydive, ask me the details first!!


With love,


Mollie - ready and raring to go.jpg
Mollie - recovering from her ultimate ad
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