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Winner - Caroline Barefield - Elizabeth Close Henley

VE Day Windows - 14  - Caroline Barefiel
VE Day Windows - 4 Army.jpg
VE Day  windows - 11 - Kim Deeley 8 Mano

  2nd Kim Deeley - and Trevor Bailey 

VE Day Windows - 15 -  Georgina
3rd Lance Corporal Natasha Bryant of  
Park Road, Henley

Our Branch asked residents of Henley to turn their windows red, white and blue in a show of unity, remembrance and celebration and then send in  a pictures to us.  A large number of events had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 situation, so it was very gratifying to see that Henley still was able to honour the day in their own way and took up the challenge to spread red, white and blue liberally for all to see. 

Our branch chairman, John Green thanked everyone who entered . he said What was so good to see was how creative people could be. - it wasn't just one member of a family doing it.  It was a combined effort  and there were some terrific originality on show.

Anne Evans, who was one of the judges, said "The only way we could show any recognition for this was to catch the eyes of passers-by. 


It was also an opportunity for parents to explain to their children what it was all about. Its most important that the youngsters of today understand so they can pass this on to their"

Joint 3rd Georgina Tilby - Whitchurch Hill

Royal British Legion


VE Day Window Contest

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